Plus500 Review

Plus500 CFD Service Review

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Broker Type:
Plus 500 is a Broker offering CFD Services.

Plus500 Brokers Affiliation:
Plus 500 Brokers is not associated with other Brokers
Plus500 Foundation: 
Plus500 FoundationPlus 500 is the Trading Name of Plus500UK Ltd and was found in 2008
Plus500 Brokers Regulation
Plus 500 Brokers is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority’ (FCA)
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Plus500 Trading Spread:
Plus500 Trading Info
 Plus 500 Brokers spread on EUR/USD is 2 pips
This is a Balance for +500
Plus 500 Brokers Leverage: Plus 500 Brokers offers trading leverage 1/200
This is a Pro for +500
Plus500 Commissions: Plus 500 is not charging any commissions
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Plus 500 Brokers doesn't allow scalping -No-
This is a Con for +500 Brokers
Plus500 Trading Assets: 
PLUS 500 Trading Assets
Plus 500 CFD Services:
1) 45+ Forex pairs
2) Commodities (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Sugar, Corn, Coffee, Cotton, Oil, Heating Oil, Natural Gas)
3) Many Stocks & Indices
4) ETFs
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Plus500 Account Currencies:
Accounts on Plus 500 Brokers can be opened in 19 different currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, CHF, CAD etc)
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OnlineForex.Biz Rating 58.29%
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Plus500 regarding Forex Trading received a low rating, but keep in mind
that Plus500 is an excellent CFD Broker which does not charge any commissions.
Our ratings are focusing on Forex Services.
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Plus500 Headquarters:
Plus500 HeadquartersPlus 500 Brokers has offices in London, UK
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Careers at Plus500 Brokers:
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Plus500 Trading Platforms:
Plus500 Trading Info Plus 500 Brokers offers, 
1) +500 Web Trader
2) +500 Mirror Trader
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Mobile Platforms: Plus 500 Brokers offers Mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
Deposit Funds in Plus500:
PLUS 500 New Account Information
Minimum deposit in Plus 500 Brokers is from 100 USD  to 50,000 USD 
This is a Pro for +500
Deposit Methods:
Withdraw Funds from Plus500:
Plus 500 is not charging any kind of commissions -No-
This is a Pro for +500
Withdrawal Methods:
US Traders:
+500 Policy for US Traders
Plus 500 forbids US traders
 This is a Con for +500 Brokers
Plus500 Available Customer Service:
Plus500 provides 24/7 Customer Service
Plus500 Bonus / Rebate: (?)
  PLUS 500 Promotional Program
Plus 500 offers welcome bonus 25 USD and for large accounts up to 7,500 USD
This is a Pro for +500
Contact us for Free New Account Consulting (?)
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Plus500 Brokers Review
                        Online Forex Broker -Plus 500 Brokers- Review
Plus500 Review Conclusions

Plus500 is a good choice for CFD traders. Plus500 offers an extensive asset index including assets from all Financial Markets (Forex, Metals, Energy, Stocks, Indices and ETFs). The trading spreads on Plus500 are fair in popular assets, for example, the spread on EUR/USD is 2 pips and on GBP/USD is 3 pips. But as concerns the minor currencies, their spreads are considerably high. Keep in mind that no trading commissions are charged by Plus500. After opening a real account on Plus500 I must notice that there is slippage when executing trading orders which may lead to re-quotes. The welcome bonus policy is 30% while Plus500 offers easy and fast fund management (quick deposit / withdraw funds). Plus500 is a suitable choice for CFD traders.


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