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Forex Bonus & Rebate Programs

Online Forex brokers compete hard to expand their customer base with new accounts. To attract new traders, Forex Brokers offer a Bonus & Rebate plan mainly for new accounts, but sometimes for existing accounts as well.

What you should be aware of...

First of all, when you choose a Forex Rebate/Bonus plan, you choose a Forex broker too, therefore, you must be very cautious.
You can use our wide Reviews/Rating section to search for any broker before you make up your mind.
Afterward, you must specify your needs and take into account all trading aspects:
1. Safety of Funds
2. Trading Cost
3. Available Platforms
4. Trading Options and Technology
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Types of Forex Promotions

There are many different types of Forex Promotions, the main types include:

  1. No Deposit Bonuses –No Deposit Bonus is a fixed amount that is offered by Forex Brokers to traders without requiring an amount to be deposited. This promotion usually refers to small amounts (20-50 USD). The only obligation for traders is to fill out a registration form with their details and usually to confirm their registration using a mobile number.

    Only a few Forex Brokers offer no-deposit bonuses and it is strongly suggested to look through the terms and conditions of the offer before registering a no-deposit bonus account.

  2. First Deposit Bonuses – This type of Forex promotion concerns the first deposit of a new account. As a trader makes a deposit, the Forex Broker is adding a percentage of the initial deposit to the trading account. For example, if the Deposit Bonus is 30%, and you Deposit 1,000 USD, then your initial account balance starts with 1,300 USD. Usually, the maximum amount of a Deposit Bonus is 20,000 USD.

    The key here is to be able to withdraw the bonus (cash bonus) after meeting volume requirements. If a bonus is not a cash bonus, it can still be useful as long as you can use it as an extra margin. If a bonus is not withdrawable and cannot be used as an extra margin then it is 100% useless and you should avoid it.
  3. Re-Deposit Bonuses –As the name suggests, this is a bonus for re-depositing funds. Only a few Forex brokers offer it and there are limitations.

  4. Bonus Based on Trading Volume – Bonuses of this type are offered by some Forex Brokers to traders who reach a certain monthly trading volume.

  5. Forex Rebates – Rebates are offered to traders as cash-back funding to their accounts. Forex rebates are usually provided by Introducing Brokers (IBs) like OnlineForex.Biz. The rebate amount depends on:

    (a) the Forex Broker,

    (b) the volume activity,

    (c) the assets you trade

    A Forex trading rebate is usually calculated on a full-traded lot basis (rebate=$/lot). It is paid at the end of each month, or the beginning of the next.

    Trading Rebates at ► Forex Trading Rebates Info
  6. Forex Championship –Some Forex brokers are organizing annual contests for traders and developers.

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Choosing between a Forex Bonus and a Forex Rebate

The right choice between a Forex Bonus and a Forex Rebate program depends on your trading profile.

(i) If you are new with Forex, a cash deposit bonus will fit you better, while

(ii) If you are an experienced trader who plans to trade hard, a cash-back rebate program is by far the best deal for you


How can you use OnlineForex.Biz to get the best Bonus Deal?

We partner with tens of the best Forex Brokers around the world. By using Contact Us you may send us your inquiry for a new account, it's free of charge. To save time please specify:

  1. Country of Residence

  2. Trading Experience (in years)

  3. Preferred Platform and other Preference if any (MetaTrader4, Expert Advisors, Scalper, etc)

  4. Desired Currency Pair / or Pairs (optional)

  5. The amount you plan to deposit

Simply use the Contact Form and send us your inquiry today, it's free before you open an account and it's free after you open an account. And that is because we make money only from Forex Brokers, not from traders. 

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