Types of Forex Brokers


There are two main types of Forex brokerage firms, Dealing Desk, and No Dealing Desk:

(I) Dealing Desk Brokers (DD) or Market Makers

(II) No Dealing Desk Brokers (NDD)

Each brokerage type offers a different order structure, as it is presented below.



(I) Dealing Desk (DD) or Market Makers


Dealing Desk firms are also called Market Makers. This type of brokerage usually provides fixed spreads and no commissions. Dealing Desk firms make money out of the spread between ask/bid. Actually Dealing Desks are always trading on the opposite side than their clients do. They provide bid/offer prices in a way that they are able to diversify their market risk via orders of a different direction. This type of Forex brokerage is accused of high slippage, price manipulation, and stop-handing techniques. Market-makers are only suitable for Forex beginners, and maybe semi-advanced traders.


(II) No Dealing Desk (NDD) Forex Brokers or Agents


No Dealing Desk Brokers provide their clients with access to the Interbank Market without the use of a Dealing Desk. Real NDD Brokers don’t require order confirmation and their transactions are executed immediately without delays. This works in favor of their clients, especially for those who are trading during news time. No Dealing Desk brokers are making money by widening the bid/ask spread and/or by charging trade commissions. Some NDD Forex Brokers don’t charge any commissions and make money only out of the spread. Others, offer zero-spreads and charge only commissions. The advantage of trading with NDD brokers is that there isn't any conflict of interest between brokers and their clients. No Dealing Desk brokers are either ECN or STP, but some of them are both ECN and STP. NDD brokers are suitable for all types of traders (day traders, swing traders, news traders, position traders, etc.)

Here are the basics about ECN and STP Forex Brokers




The ECN (Electronic Communications Network) brokers provide a marketplace where the participants (traders, market makers, hedge funds, and banks) trade against each other. ECN Forex Brokers are basically transferring trading orders directly to the Foreign Exchange market. These orders interact with other trading orders, and therefore transactions are executed.

  • All ECN trading orders are matched in real-time
  • A true ECN Forex broker provides its clients with the Depth of the Market (DOM) data table (as seen in the picture –MT4)
  • Another advantage of ECN trading is that it provides Forex traders with full anonymity

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STP means Straight-Through Processing and refers to the method of transferring retail trading orders straight to liquidity providers, without any dealing desk intervention. 

  • An STP broker doesn't interfere when processing orders.
  • Usually, STP brokers have big banks as their liquidity providers. The more liquidity, the better
  • STP Forex brokers usually offer a transaction speed between 70 and 150 milliseconds.


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Types of Forex Brokers

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Trading info Account info

Broker Type:
TitanFx is an ECN/STP Forex Broker specializing in Asian Traders

TitanFx Affiliations:

TitanFx is the trading name of Titan FX Limited (Company Number 40313)
TitanFx Foundation:
TitanFx FoundationTitanFx is the Trading Name of TitanFx Ltd. The broker was founded in 2014 and it is domiciled in Vanuatu

TitanFx Regulation:
TitanFx is regulated by:
1) FSC of the Republic of Vanuatu (Reg. No. 40313)
This is a Balance for TitanFx
TitanFx Trading Time: GMT+3
TitanFx Fre VPS Offer:
TitanFx offer a free VPS to those clients keeping a minimum equity of $2500 and trading 30 lots monthly.
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TitanFx Trading Spread:
TitanFx Trading Info
TitanFx offers a floating spread on EUR/USD (0.1 pip)
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TitanFx Commissions: TitanFx is charging $7.0 per full traded lot ($3.5 on each side)

This is a Balance for TitanFx
TitanFx Leverage: TitanFx offers trading leverage 500:1
This is a Pro for TitanFx
TitanFx allows scalping and hedging on all account types.
This is a Pro for TitanFx
TitanFx Trading Assets:
TitanFx Trading Assets

TitanFx offer:

1) 60 Forex pairs

2) 10 Soft Commodities, Energies, Metals

3) Stocks & Indices

4) Cryptocurrencies

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TitanFx Account Currencies:
Accounts on TitanFx can be opened in EUR and USD
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TitanFx Headquarters:
TitanFx HeadquartersTitanFx has offices in Vanuatu

TitanFx Trading Platforms:
TitanFx Trading InfoTitanFx offers:

■ MetaTrader-4

■ MetaTrader-5

■ WebTrader

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Mobile Platforms
TitanFx offers applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Deposit Funds in TitanFx:
TitanFx New Account Information
The minimum deposit in TitanFx is 200 USD
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Deposit Methods:
Withdraw Funds from TitanFx:
TitanFx is not charging any kind of extra commissions -No-
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Withdrawal Methods:
US Traders:
TitanFx Policy for US Traders
TitanFx forbids US traders
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TitanFx Available Customer Service:
Live Chat
TitanFx Promotions:
TitanFx Promotional Program
TitanFx offer a free VPS plus a Demo Trading Competition with real cash prizes.
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Open a Trading Account with TitanFx:
Online Forex Broker -TitanFx Review

TitanFx Review Conclusions

MT4/MT5TitanFX is a multi-featured broker trading Forex and CFDs via Metatrader-4 and Metatrader-5. They offer 60 currency pairs plus 10 soft commodities, indices, energies, gold, silver, and 8 cryptocurrencies.

The company (TitanFx Ltd.) is based in Vanuatu and is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (FSC). They offer STP/ECN accounts with tight market spreads and high trading leverage of up to 1:500. These are some strong points when trading with TitanFx.

  • Equinix NY4 ECN Bridge
  • Tight trading spreads on ECN accounts and fair trading commissions
  • MT4/MT5 in various desktop and mobile versions
  • A good variety of trading instruments including 60 currency pairs, CFDs on cryptocurrencies, commodities, and US and Japanese stocks
  • Good customer service that answers every question within a couple of minutes
  • A free VPS hosting and an EA-friendly trading environment
  • A demo-trading competition with real prizes

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TitanFx Review



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