Getting Started at Online Forex

Trading Online Forex has become very popular nowadays. There are hundreds of Forex brokers and providers worldwide and millions of Forex Traders. includes many educational resources and reviews regarding the Foreign Exchange market. Inside you may find a wide variety of articles regarding Forex trading, strategies, and tips. There are articles and tools for beginners and advanced currency traders.

Successful Trading is Very Demanding

Successful Forex trading is very demanding and requires basically:

(1) A good understanding of the core mechanisms behind the currency fluctuations and the dynamics of demand/supply

(2) A reliable Forex Broker suitable for each trader's unique style (intraday, scalper, swing, or long-term trader)

(3) In the case of intraday trading and scalping, a trading rebate plan for reducing trading cost

(4) The implementation of a specific Forex trading strategy, in accordance with each trader's risk profile

(5) An efficient Money Management (MM) system, and the implementation of Money Management with discipline and clear decisions

(6) Trading setups, for optimizing entry/exit

The importance of preparation before start trading is always highlighted on our website. Education and preparation is the only path to trade profitably in any financial market.

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In addition, you can find several educational resources for Forex beginners:

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Free Forex Trading Tools

Foreign Exchange Trading ToolsCurrency Trading Tools

There are many free Forex trading tools designed to improve the performance of currency traders. These are some useful online Forex tools.


The market sentiment tool shows how many traders have taken a particular position in a currency pair. The market sentiment highlights the crowd behavior.

Dukascopy SWFX Sentiment


The Commitments of Traders (CFTC) is a weekly report presenting the net non-commercial (speculative) positioning in the US Forex futures market. The report can highlight the change in the positions of the 'smart money'. The COT report is released every Friday at 3:30 pm (EST time) and shows the positions for the prior Tuesday.

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CME Group COT |Scotia Bank Report


A pivot point is an average of significant prices based on a prior trading period.

Pivot Points Calculator


The Fibonacci Calculator is able to forecast major support and resistance price levels according to custom Fibonacci ratios. The Fibonacci calculator can be used in any financial market (Forex, Equities, Bonds or Commodities) and in any timeframe. As the price of a financial asset pulls back after an uptrend or a downtrend wave, that price pullback usually follows a certain mathematical relationship. The Fibonacci retracement uses the basic ratios (23.6%, 38.2%, 61.8%, and 78.6%) deriving from the Fibonacci's sequence of numbers, plus 50.0%.

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