Money Management

Money management aims to protect portfolios by helping investors to decide how much to risk on any trade based on their total available capital...

Forex Trading Orders

The Full Set of Forex Trading Orders

Forex trading offers a wide range of trading orders..

  • What is a Trading Order?

A trading order is an instruction to your broker to buy or sell a financial asset on your behalf. The order-driven system in all modern exchanges automatically matches buyers and sellers.

The proper use of a trading order adds control to your positions and significantly reduces risk and trading costs. Different brokers may offer different sets of trading orders, and therefore, when choosing a broker, you must ensure that the full range of trading orders is available.

Market and Pending Orders

Generally, trading orders are divided into market orders and pending orders.

  • What is a market order?

A market order is an order to buy or sell a financial asset immediately, at any given price. This order type guarantees execution but does not guarantee the execution price.

  • What is a pending order?

Pending orders are executed at a pre-specified market price. A pending order can be placed in advance, or afterward, a position is opened, it can also be modified at any time. The great advantage of a pending order is that eliminates the risk of slippage. 

  • What is Slippage?

Slippage refers to the difference between the price expected and the price at which the order is actually filled.

Portfolio Management

This article presents three basic investment concepts and a series of significant portfolio management ratios...This article presents three basic investment concepts and a series of significant portfolio management ratios.


Three Basic Investment Concepts

  • risk-free rate
  • standard deviation
  • max drawdown

(i) Risk-Free Rate

The 'Risk-Free Rate' refers to the annual return that an investor can secure without taking any market risk. Usually the 'Risk-Free Rate' is calculated based on the annualized interest paid by holding a three (3) month treasury bill. Any investment offering lower returns than this guaranteed rate is considered an unacceptable investment.

  • In the EU, the 3-month Euribor is used
  • In the USA, the 3-month US Treasury bill

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