Getting Started at Online Forex aims to cover major news and events in this vast Foreign Exchange industry. In addition, there are educational resources and reviews regarding the currency market. There is a wide variety of articles and trading tips for beginners and advanced currency traders.


News & Events -Covering the Foreign Exchange Market

Forex trading has become very popular nowadays. There are thousands of Forex providers and millions of Forex Traders in all over the world. covers the main events in the Foreign Exchange market.

Forex Expos

The Foreign Exchange market is notorious for a great number of high-class expos. Forex expos are held all over the world, from New York to Cyprus, Dubai, and Hong Kong. During these events, retail traders and Forex-related businesses have the chance to meet in person and discuss Forex trading. In addition, Forex expos usually offer a strong educational incentive to all retail traders as there are seminars, workshops, and important spokesmen.

» Forex Events | » Market News

Online Forex Reviews & Ratings

OnlineForex.Biz includes many reviews regarding Forex brokers and trading systems. The main feature of our reviews that makes them unique is that you may read them like a business card. All trading aspects are divided into 3 main categories:

1. Company Info,

2. Trading Info, and

3. Account Info

In addition, you can compare Forex Brokers based on certain trading aspects, via our Brokers comparison pages. The Forex brokers directory can navigate you through our reviews and ratings: 

» Forex Broker Directory

Forex Brokers Ratings

OnlineForex.Biz uses a rating formula that is unique in the trading industry, developed by the analyst George Protonotarios. The rating formula includes tens of parameters, classified in four (4) major trading aspects:

1) Safety of Trading Funds

2) Trading Cost

3) Trading Options

4) Efficient Technology

Currently, OnlineForex.Biz uses the 2nd version of the formula, but there is also a 5th version by the same developer.

» Rating Formula v.1.0, at OnlineForex.Biz | » Rating Formula V.5.0, at


Education -Successful Trading is Demanding

Knowledge is power when trading the Foreign Exchange market. includes various educational and technical resources.

Introduction to Trade Strategy

Selecting and implementing a trading strategy is essential for every Forex trader. Forex strategies may involve several trading styles (scalping, news-trading, swing, etc.) and multiple timeframes {intraday, daily, weekly, or monthly}. A successful trade strategy must incorporate money management principles and reflect the risk appetite of each Forex trader

» Forex Trading Strategy and Risk

Forex beginners

Forex trading is very demanding and requires a lot of skills in order to start trade successfully.  The importance of preparation before start trading is always highlighted on our website. Education and preparation is the only path to trade profitably in any financial market. You can find several educational resources for Forex beginners:

Forex Beginners: » FAQ (Forex for Beginners) | » Forex Trading Tips for Beginners | » Forex Trading Strategy and Risk

Forex Trading Resources

There are many free and commercial trading tools designed to improve the performance of currency traders.

» Forex Trading Resources | » MetaTrader-4 Tips and Tricks

Automated Trading

Forex auto-trade refers to a method where a trading system (hardware/software) automatically executes and modifies trading orders in the Forex market on behalf of a certain trading account, without any human intervention. These orders follow certain criteria (rules) that are predefined by the administrator of the system.

» Forex Auto-Trade

You can find also comparisons of Automated Forex providers: » Compare Forex EAs | » Forex Auto-Trade Systems 


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