XEM Forex Seminar October 2013

The XEM Forex Seminar in Athens -October 2013

The latest XEM Forex Seminar took place in Athens, Greece during the 5th of October, 2013. The six-hour-long seminar presented by Forex Guru Avramis Despotis BSc, MSc, CFTe offered attendees the chance to learn about Forex technical analysis and get a full insight on how they can exploit trading opportunities from real price action.

We were there and here is what we have learned. 

Intraday Forex Technical Analysis

Attendees were given information about the master intraday trading techniques of Avramis Despotis along with practical information regarding the basics of portfolio management. Avramis Despotis highlighted the value of trading along with the master trend and explained various price action patterns such is:

1. Follow-the-Trend,

2. Trend-Reversal Pattern, and

3. False-Reversal Pattern.

Avramis Despotis also presented his proprietary Zig-Zag MT4 indicator designed to help traders identify trading opportunities with just a glance.

The participants had the chance to debate about various technical analysis issues directly with. Avramis Despotis and impose him with tough questions. Avramis faced no problem dealing with all questions while he constantly argued that the most important rule when trading Forex is to abandon your emotional self and to trade only based on your logic and absolute discipline.  

Upcoming XEM Forex Seminars & Workshops

There are two more XEM Forex Seminars during October 2013:

1) Budapest, Hungary – 19 October 2013 – 100 seats Available

2) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 19 and 20 October 2013 – 100 Seats Available

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London Investor Show Forex 2013

Event: London Investor Show Forex 2013London Olympia Conference Centre

Place: London Olympia Conference Centre, London, UK

Date: February 22 - February 23, 2013

Price: Basic Schedule Free, Tom Hougaard's Workshop £199


The London Investor Show Forex 2013 -General Information

The London Investor Show Forex 2013 is an exhibition for retail Forex traders owned and organized by Investor Conferences Ltd. Providing training via five Forex workshops, free seminars and a general exhibition of Forex products and services. The London Investor Show Forex 2013 offers traders the chance to learn the very latest developments regarding the fast-evolving world of Forex trading.

Exhibitors at the London Investor Show Forex 2013

Exhibitors at the Show are general companies participating in the Forex Industry that provide products and services regarding Forex trading. Exhibitors include: Alpari, Timetotrade, CreditSafe, EzeeTrader, SwissQuote, WebAds, Online Trading Academy, BullBearings, Investor Today, Tradenext, Trading College and Activtrades.

The Alpari Trading Contest

The Alpari Contest involves trading and spread betting. For those who are not familiar with the term, Spread Betting is a form of binary options trading that is specially designed to suit the UK legislative framework. The Alpari contest offers to both beginners and experienced traders the chance to test their trading skills live at the show. Keep in mind that the contest involves virtual and not real money. The ‘Battle’ will last 30 minutes, and the winner shall be the one with the highest profits at the end. The prize for the winner is an Apple iPad.

» Visit Alpari UK | » Review Alpai UK

London Investor Show Forex 2013 Conferences

1) 3 Winning Forex Trading Strategies -Speaker: Dary McGovern {Timetotrade}

2) Forex Trading Live with a pro Money Manager -Speaker: Kevin Burton {EzeeTrader}

3) Simple Trading Forex Strategies for Short-Term -Speaker: Sandy Jadeja

4) The Path to Professional Trading -From ambition to action -Speaker: Alex Spiroglou

5) Alpari Showcase Theatre, Expert Advisors for Trade Automation -Speaker: Joshua Mahony, {Alpari (UK)}

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3 Events in March 2013

Trading Events March 2013

EventCommodity Investment World Asia 2013

Country: Singapore

Place: MarinaBay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

Date: March 13 2013 - March 14 2013

Price: 3,080 USD (3.845 SGD)

Commodity Investment World Asia 2013 is an event aiming to bring together brokers, institutional investors, fund managers, asset managers, investment banks and technology providers. Discussion will be held upon the latest trends, technologies and opportunities in the global commodity market. 

The Commodity Investment World Asia 2013 conference focus on: 1) Investment strategies 2) In-depth insights on commodity pricing trends 3) Learning from experienced commodity investors 4) Learning about asset pricing and their impact on commodity cycles 5) Investor networking with experts, brokers and important industry intermediaries

 » Visit Commodity Investment World Asia 2013


EventForex Industry Conference 2013

Country: USA

Place: Marriot Marquis, New York

­Date: March 20 2013

Price: 250 USD

Forex Industry Conference 2013 is aiming to connect all sides Forex Participants like investors, brokers, media and technology providers. Forex Industry Conference will take place at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. The entry price is 250 USD and includes access to all panel discussions, speakers and meals. The first 100 attendees will pay a reduced entry fee of 150 USD.

ParticipantsRetail and institutional Forex Brokers, Banks and other liquidity providers, Forex regulators and industry associations, Marketing and media, Technology providers.

» Visit Forex Industry Conference


Event14th Free Paris Technical Analysis Expo

Country: France

Place: Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris

­Date: March 22 2013 - March 23 2013

Price: Free

Paris Technical Analysis Expo is an event since March 2000 focusing on Technical Analysis, organized by trading professionals. The admission is free and the event will last 12 non-stop hours (9:00 am to 9:00pm).

Many experts will participate (English and French Speaking) discussing technical analysis issues regarding: 1) Trading Strategies 2) Forex Market 3) Stocks and Indices 4) Futures and CFDs. 

» 14th Free Paris Technical Analysis Expo (TA-Expo)


Trading Events in March 2013

OnlineForex.biz (2013)

International Traders Expo 2013

The New York Marriott Marquis HotelEvent: The International Traders Expo 2013

Place: New York, USA, Marriott Marquis Hotel

Date: February 17, 2013 - February 19, 2013

Price: Free (Basic Schedule)

What is ? –General Information about the Traders Expo 2013

The International Traders Expo is an event organized by MoneyShow several times a year. The Expo takes place in several selected US cities (New York, Dallas, Las Vegas). The Traders Expo audience counts about 15,000 people in an annual base. 

The Traders Expo Focuses Upon Learning

The Expo focuses upon learning and training and it is providing: trading tools, a presentation of the latest technologies and many investment opportunities. The Traders Expo includes social events like panel discussions, workshops and webcasts, attendees have the chance to receive advice and trading recommendations from the industry experts.

The Traders Expo New York 2013 is providing traders the opportunity to meet face-to-face with trading experts and therefore:

1) Learn about the Basics of Trading

2) Learn about Winning Trading Strategies

3) Meet and Exchange Ideas with other common Traders

4) Gain a Wider Trading Perspective

5) Find the Essential Tools in order to Optimize their Trading Decisions

The Comparison Shop

Trading decisions concerning the selection of Brokerage and Trading Platform are crucial for every trader. The International Traders Expo provides the opportunity to compare brokers and services using the Comparison-Shop. Traders have the chance to meet face to face with representatives of top financial services-and-products companies and impose direct questions about their trading conditions.

Live Trading Experience

Two professional traders will put real money on the table and challenge both the world markets and each other. This is maybe the highlight of the New York Traders Expo 2013. In addition the Traders Expo 2013 offers the Bull Pen. The bull pen is an open stage providing traders with the opportunity to check and to get experience out the latest services and trading tools in the industry. In addition, it provides the opportunity to ask direct questions to top professional traders.

The News Stand and the Knowledge Center

The News Stand provides the chance to pick up the latest trading publications including research reports and news magazines.


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