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Forex Auto Trade & Forex Robots 

Forex auto trading is a trading method (strategy) where a trading system (program) executes automated buy and sell orders in the Forex Market on behalf of a certain trading account. These orders follow certain criteria (rules) which either are predefined by traders / users of the system or by the automated system itself. These criteria are mainly based on technical analysis indicators. 

 The idea of Automated Forex Trading
The idea behind an auto- trading-method is:  

Providing a 24 hours / 365 days trading system that is not affected by human psychological swings, and also not affected by power-offs. These systems can trade the Forex Market without any delays but also they can trade multiple markets at the same time. There are two main methods of auto Forex trading, Full and Manual-Execution auto trading.

Tip: "Whatever auto trading method you decide to incorporate in your strategy, test it significantly before you start trading hard. You may use a demo account in case of a Signaling Service or you may test it backwards and real-time in case of a Forex Robot, and thus measure the performance of the system before you use it for real money."

Types of Auto trading Methods

There are two major types of Forex auto trading:

1) Signaling Forex auto trading –Manual Executions

This method concerns manual executions based on specific trading signals. There are many signal providers in the Forex Market, some provide their signals free, others require a monthly paid fee
3 Categories of Signaling Services
1) Free signaling services
2) Signaling services paid in a monthly or annually basis
3) Trading signals which are provided by specific software on a computer (Expert Advisors)
Tip: "If you are about to buy a Signaling Service or start trading using Expert Advisors its better to focus on a certain currency pair and avoid a wide coverage of the Forex Market. The better you will understand a particular financial asset the more easily you will be able to evaluate any trading signal concerning that asset. In other words, focusing on a couple currency pairs is more profitable than a wider trading approach."
Binary Options Signal Providers:
Here are some popular Forex Signaling Providers:
2) Fully Automated Forex Trading
In this category Forex Robots are incorporated. The core of a full-automated trading system is a mathematical algorithm which measures several technical factors to determine buy and sell orders. Traders may only adjust the parameters and the whole system operates by itself. There are many Forex Robot Scams so its better to review the past performance of a Forex Robot before you start trading using it. 
Here are some Popular Forex Robots:

Testing Forex Robots 

There are two ways to test the performance of a trading robot:
1) Testing Forex Robot Backward
A Forex Robot may be tested using past data during a certain period. If this Robot runs during that particular periods of time, we are able to measure its performance.
2) Testing Forex Robot Real-Time
A Forex Robot may be tested in real time in a demo account. In that way we are able to measure its performance in real market conditions.

Using a VPS Service (Virtual Private Server) 

Forex Robots usually require a computer to be turned on. This can be over passed using a Forex VPS hosting service. VPS hosting costs about $30 in a monthly basis.
Forex VPS Hosting Services»Forex Hoster MT4 VPS 
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