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Most of the following services are provided for a monthly subscription fee, however, there are other trading services that can be purchased once and used for a lifetime without limitations (EA Builder). Some of the following signaling services offer a trial period.

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(Manual & Automated Signals)


EA Builder can trade any asset listed on MT4, MT5, and TradeStation

■ Fx Currencies

■ Indices and Shares

■ Commodities

■ Bonds

■ Cryptocurrencies

Other Preferences

  • Can used for creating Expert Advisors for trading Binary Options

  • Adjust Lot sizes

  • Martingale techniques

  • Select time to trade (Days/Hours)

  • 15 video tutorials

◘ No need for Programming Skills or Code

◘ Create your own Trade Strategies

◘ Full Money Management Features

◘ Trading Education via Video Tutorials

  • 15 video tutorials

◘ Upgrade your system to an EA without any special skills

◘ Output is human-readable

• Email Manual Alerts

• SMS Alerts

• On-Screen Alerts

EA Builder can trade any asset listed on MT4, MT5, and TradeStation

Automated-Trading Functions

• Time, S&R, trendlines, etc.)

• Arrows-based graphical interface

• Unlimited variables for creating Forex Robots

• Create complex money management systems

• CCI Indicator

> Free for MT4 manual systems

> 97 USD / ONETIME for EAs


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(Manual Signals)

Forex Trendy is a Forex scanner that can be used for Learning and Trading.

Forex Currency Signals

■ Forex Learning

In Addition:

  • User-Friendly Interface 
  • Can work with all trading platforms
  • One of the lowest subscription costs ($37 for 3 months)
  • 34 Pairs in Multiple Time Frames
  • Live-Chart Analysis (Continuously Updated)
  • Cloud-Computing Software

◘ Forex Trading Signals

◘ Trend Analyzer

In addition:

■ Scanning Multiple Time Frames

■ Recognizes Break-Out Pattern

■ Scans Triangles, Flags, Wedges, and Trendlines

■ It warns traders about unstable patterns

• Email Trading Alerts

• Sound Trading Alerts

Forex Trendy is a Forex scanner that can be used for Learning and Trading

■ Members Area

■ Provides quick analysis view

■ Customize your Trend-Watching

> 37 USD / Every three (3) Months



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Forex Promotions

Forex Bonus & Rebate Programs

Online Forex brokers compete hard to expand their customer base with new accounts. To attract new traders, Forex Brokers offer a Bonus & Rebate plan mainly for new accounts, but sometimes for existing accounts as well.

What you should be aware of...

First of all, when you choose a Forex Rebate/Bonus plan, you choose a Forex broker too, therefore, you must be very cautious.
You can use our wide Reviews/Rating section to search for any broker before you make up your mind.
Afterward, you must specify your needs and take into account all trading aspects:
1. Safety of Funds
2. Trading Cost
3. Available Platforms
4. Trading Options and Technology
The right choice will maximize your trading profits. » Rating Forex Formulas

Forex Consulting

OnlineForex.Biz is an independent financial website offering reviews, ratings and general information about the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) and Forex providers.
Online Forex Free Forex Consulting Serices

Online Forex Consulting Services

Using a wide trading experience and an investment professional status, we are offering 'Introducing Broker' (IB) services to all Forex and CFD traders. Based on our detailed reviews and ratings you will be able to find the best Forex Brokers around the world, but also the best deals to open an account with them (welcome bonus, trading rebate, etc).
Seeking for the Right Forex Broker and a Rebate Deal? -Here is what you have to do
Are you looking for a reliable and competitive Forex Broker and/or a rebate plan to lower your trading cost? Here is what you have to do.
Simply send us a message and we will rapidly indicate (in a day or two) what is the best Forex Broker for you.
Please, provide the following essential information:
1) Name and Country of Residence
2) Trading Experience (in years)
3) Trading Preferences (if any)
For example, you may indicate the availability of a particular asset class, trading platform, auto-trading, scalping, API trading, trading rebate, or any other particular issue that you consider important.

Welcome Aboard provides reviews, news updates, and educational material regarding the Foreign Exchange market...

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