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These are some popular manual Forex Trading Signaling Systems. Most of the following services are provided via a periodic subscription fee, but there are too some trading systems that can be purchased once and to be used for a lifetime without limitations (EA Builder). Some of the following signaling services offer also a trial period.

Forex Promotions

Forex Bonus & Rebate Programs

Online Forex brokers compete hard to expand their customer base with new accounts. In order to attract new traders, Forex Brokers offer Bonus & Rebate plans mainly for new accounts, but sometimes for existing accounts as well.

What you should be aware of...

First of all, when you choose a Forex Rebate/Bonus plan, you choose a Forex broker too, therefore, you must be very cautious.
You can use our wide Reviews/Rating section to search for any broker before you make up your mind.
Afterward, you must specify your needs and take into account all trading aspects:
1. Safety of Funds
2. Trading Cost
3. Available Platforms
4. Trading Options and Technology
The right choice will maximize your trading profits. » Rating Forex Formulas at Trading Center

Forex Consulting

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Online Forex Free Forex Consulting Serices

OnlineForex Consulting Services

Using a wide trading experience and an investment professional status, we are offering introducing broker services (IB) to all Forex and CFD traders. Based on our extensive reviews and ratings you are able to find the best Forex Brokers around the world but also the best deals for new Forex accounts (i.e. Rebates).
Seeking the Right Forex Broker? -Here is what you have to do
Are you looking for the best Forex Brokerage based on your particular trading profile?
It’s simple, just send us a message and we will rapidly indicate (in a matter of a day or two) what is the best Forex Brokerage Choice for you.
Send us a message by proving the following simple information:
1) What is your Name and what is your Country of Residence
2) What is your Trading Experience (years)
3) What are your Trading Preferences (if any)
For example, you may indicate the availability of a certain trading platform (i.e. cTrader), scalping allowance, API trading, Expert Advisors, or any other particular issue that you consider important.

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