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OnlineForex.Biz is an independent financial website offering reviews, ratings and general information about the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) and Forex providers.
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Using a wide trading experience and an investment professional status, we are offering 'Introducing Broker' (IB) services to all Forex and CFD traders. Based on our detailed reviews and ratings you will be able to find the best Forex Brokers around the world, but also the best deals to open an account with them (welcome bonus, trading rebate, etc).
Seeking for the Right Forex Broker and a Rebate Deal? -Here is what you have to do
Are you looking for a reliable and competitive Forex Broker and/or a rebate plan to lower your trading cost? Here is what you have to do.
Simply send us a message and we will rapidly indicate (in a day or two) what is the best Forex Broker for you.
Please, provide the following essential information:
1) Name and Country of Residence
2) Trading Experience (in years)
3) Trading Preferences (if any)
For example, you may indicate the availability of a particular asset class, trading platform, auto-trading, scalping, API trading, trading rebate, or any other particular issue that you consider important.

How is OnlineForex.Biz related to Forex Brokers? 

Since 2012, partnered with tens of Forex brokers. Are we introducing all Forex Companies? Certainly not, we are introducing only reliable Forex Brokers. There are many hundreds of Forex Brokers around the globe, so why not choose the best to partner with?
We have reviewed hundreds of popular Forex Brokers and selected only a few of them that we consider reliable. OnlineForex.Biz is a 100% independent Introducing Agent which will not hesitate to abandon any partnership with any broker if this broker indicates signs that he isn’t now or he will not be in the future a reliable broker. We have already turned down many business propositions, and that is exactly what we are going to do again in the future.
"The Online Market is huge but when it comes to Forex Scams it becomes very small"

What Means a Reliable Forex Broker?
Reliability in the Forex market starts with sufficient regulation and monitoring by independent authorities. So when we rate the world’s Forex Brokers we give extra weight to: 
(i) The level of Regulation of each Broker
(ii) The country that each Forex Broker is situated
When evaluating a Forex Broker it is important to recognize its real corporate mission. Forex Brokers situated in countries like Switzerland, the UK, the US, Germany, etc are more likely to be solvent and to protect their operations against risky decisions. Countries like Ireland and Cyprus can be also chosen as a home base due to tax reasons. As these countries are members of the European Union, they are still considered reliable to us. However, brokers that are situated in these particular countries are in a second-gear, and therefore, their ratings are lower. Brokers that are situated in offshore countries where there is not sufficient supervision receive the worst ratings in terms of reliability.
High Liquidity and the ability to manage Business Risk are absolutely crucial factors for every Forex Broker, and the safety of its clients
Finally, the number of years in the market is also considered important to us. A Forex Company that is operating in the market for a decade, or more, is certainly more reliable than a Forex Company that is operating in the market for just a couple of years. This is valid in terms of management experience and a proven ability to reduce business risks over time.

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In order to achieve total objectivity, we have established a revolutionary rating framework that is common to every financial Broker. » Rating Fx Brokers Formula


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